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How to upload Long video on WhatsApp status – Hoardi

Friends, in this article I will tell you how you can upload a long video on WhatsApp status, I will tell you how you can upload more than 30 seconds video on status. I hope you guys will like this trick of mine So, I request you friends to read my complete article until you read the article on you, you will not understand As you guys know WhatsApp guys have given a timing of 30 seconds or less than 30 seconds above the status more than we can’t put status.


A lot of people before me have told about it and written articles but what happens in it 5 minutes or 10 minutes of video takes place and there is no sound in it. Some people are telling that you can root your mobile after rooting you can put status on WhatsApp of your mobile for more than 30 seconds but that method is now over. Friends for this first you need to open your WhatsApp and go to status folder and there you will see camera option you have to click on it.

Post Long Video On WhatsApp Status

How to post long video on WhatsApp status


First you will see your pictures and videos there If you want to upload a video, first click on your video and whatever minute your video is, you have to make clips of it first. If it is two minutes long, then you have to make four clips of 30 seconds. If the video is one minute long, you should make two clips of 30 seconds each To create a clip you have to close your WhatsApp and go to your gallery and there you have to put a video and select it and copy it to a new album. Again you have to come to WhatsApp and refresh WhatsApp, after refreshing the clip you created will be shown in the gallery, then you click on a clip.


Then you have to click on another clip and select all the clips you have created. Then you click on the button below and download the application After you download the application, then you have to open it, after opening you will have a new interface show. All the clips you have created in the new album will be shown in this application, then you have to upload it on WhatsApp with the help of this application, your sound is also uploaded there and there You will not face any problems.

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