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How can you if someone sent any message on WhatsApp and after sending the message he deletes it from your WhatsApp. You also know that if someone deletes any message from their WhatsApp, you will not see it. So how can you see if someone has deleted a message from their WhatsApp? First of all you need to download an application which I have colored below. After downloading then you have to open it.

Who will download if someone messages you and then delete it, after doing the tat, it will not show you in WhatsApp if you know that someone has messaged you and deleted it. Then you have to open this application, after opening it, when you search for his number here, after searching for the number, any message he has deleted will be shown to you.


Now you know how to view the deleted message Whenever you start viewing the message it is very important that you have internet until you have internet then you can’t see anyone’s deleted message you need internet first to see deleted message it is your own Making connection mandatory Of course you must have Wi-Fi or SIM internet█ö

Do you guys understand that without internet you can’t do any work you need internet first to download the application as you have commented so to open the application. You must have internet to use, unless you have internet you can’t see anyone’s delete message.

You can surprise your friends and family by using this application When you use the application yourself you will be very impressed with it and as well as you will share with your friends and family they will be very impressed with you.

If you guys don’t know how to use this application, you can also give the video on YouTube that how can we use this application to delete anyone’s message from your WhatsApp. How can we see it, you can search it on YouTube, you can get all this help from there.

When you read this article completely, you will understand how to use this application without having to go to YouTube. If you people understand how to use and download this application then you can download and use it it is very beneficial for you.

You can surprise anyone by doing this If anyone sends a video and send a photo or send a sticker or deletes a message after sending a message from WhatsApp, then you have to open this operation and search his number. When you search for his number and click on his profile, you will see all the messages he has deleted.


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